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First of all, let us never forget that single-god systems are here to prevent our mind from sliding into spaced-out paganism and its devastating results.

However, beside spaced-out paganism, History has shown us through the years that there is another kind of paganism: a rational paganism based on the non-happenings of our History.

In  other words, the Gods of rational paganism are metaphysical powers  personified in allegories that lean on the formal conditions of non-happenings. This can be condensed in a single sentence: HAPPENINGS HAVE NON-HAPPENINGS.

Now, the metaphysics of Law remains the same no matter if one switches to one system or to the other: SUB LEGE LEGITAS.
Classical Metaphysics Philosophy and Psychology



                          GALACTICA MAGNA NUMBER ONE                           GALACTICA MAGNA NUMBER TWO

                                   BIG UNIVERSE ISLAND                                                    BIG UNIVERSE ISLAND     

                   Small universe island           Small universe island                          Small universe island          Small  universe island
                   EARTH 1     EARTH 2               EARTH 3    EARTH 4                             EARTH 5    EARTH 6               EARTH 7   EARTH 8

In addition to the fact that all non-happenings build one single unit called the Essence,
the Essence extracted itself from the fifth dimension to divide itself totally in the smallest way.

Therefore, in the Universe there are 2 clusters of galaxies each containing 2 galaxies that each contains 2 planets giving birth to humankind.
 ( (1+1) + (1+1) ) + ( (1+1) + (1+1) ) = 8

Secondary Earth like planets are either already inhabited by evacuees of the Eight Primary Earth Planets or waiting for new evacuees to be inhabited.

This gives us a total of Eight Primary Earth Planets that have already given birth to many races before us. Two of them are located in our galaxy: ours (the best known to us) and another one in the other arm of our galaxy. Then we have two others located on the other side of our group of galaxies forming a so-called universe island named cluster of galaxies. The same thing happens again in a group of galaxies located in the other half of the Universe. The substratum of this structure can be found in our body where each gene exists in two copies located on two chromosomes of a same pair.

The World Power is a direct consequence of: One plus the square root of five divided by two. Nobody can deny that on this planet there was a Cold War between two major forces, the East Bloc and the West Bloc, 25000 nuclear warheads on each side of the Berlin Wall, enough to blow up the planet several times. The USA called this phenomenon the World Power. The problem is that one cannot have such an antagonism with a single-god system. It takes two gods to have such an antagonism. These two gods have always been around even before single-god systems were put in place on this planet. One finds them in the ancient culture of China under the names of Yin and Yang, in the ancient culture and mythology of Egypt under the names of Horus and Seth, and finally in the ancient cultures of Rome and Athens under the names of Castor and Pollux.

It is absolutely sure that the temple of Castor and Pollux will be rebuilt in Modern History with the total knowledge of its meaning but this time not by people who were dragged out of their caves to be elevated to a culture they never reached. The temple of Castor and Pollux will protect our children and the children of our children from future arms races that cannot be won since it is impossible to get rid of these two gods even with one billion nuclear warheads. These two gods are forever.

The next clue of mythology that appears in Modern History is: "Hercules resumed the tradition of the Olympic Games".  Nobody can deny that on our planet, the Olympic Games resumed in 1897  with Pierre de Coubertain. The Industrial Times made it possible. The Industrial Times are achieving big things. A timeless sculpture  symbolizing them as an allegory would be a strong man named Hercules or Heracles. It sticks to the picture. The entire mythology is based on  this principle. Huge metaphysical forces were put into allegories and metaphors to become a rational paganism based on true facts that lean on  their non-happenings.

Gaia is the personification of the Earth and one of the primordial deities.  Gaia is the great mother of all. She gave birth to the Earth and all the  Universe. The Titans and the Giants were born to her. Who is Gaia? What  do we know so far? We know that materia is the mother of materia time  (Kronos) in the entire Universe. Thus, Kronos is a Titan because materia  time can be found all over the Universe (titanic isn't it?). Before we  could get this, Mary (Gaia) was the mother of God in single god  religions.

Rhea as Cybele is the Great mother of all Gods. Therefore, she is an allegory that symbolizes the dimension where all non-happenings are located. We know the first dimension but she is not located in  there. We know the second dimension but she is not located in there. We know the third dimension but she is not located in there. We know the  fourth dimension but she is not located in there either. So why don't we  say that she is located in the fifth dimension because all non-happenings  are located in a dimension that cannot be seen with our eyes, and this  one more dimension is called the fifth dimension. However, Rhea as Rhea-earth symbolizes the community of Substances between the fifth dimension and the fourth dimension.

Zeus (Jupiter) is an allegory dealing with the dynamic side of phenomena.  Dynamics between the Substance and the substances. Dynamics are coming  in whenever the program of evolution is under threat. Therefore, Zeus is always represented with a striking flash of lighting. Z for Zone, E for Ether, US for us. Ether Zone on us (Zeus).

Poseidon  (brother of Zeus) is also connected to dynamics but only to the way  humankind moves. We are sailing stormy and very salted water courtesy of  this guy. He often pulls the hair of Athena causing her to fight back.

Juno stands for the family. She will be put back on Capitol Hill along with Jupiter and Minerva as the Capitoline Triad.

Aphrodite (Venus) stands for love. She is showing off her Ouh La La in a mind blowing style, taking things through the roof. Therefore, she often has problems with Juno who stands for the family because Juno says that Venus is showing off to much skin.

Atlas the Giant who holds the World on his shoulders is an allegory that stands for the volume of opposite resistance to matter (materia). He is a Giant because wherever there is materia in the Universe, there is an opposite resistance to matter (materia).

One of the biggest problems that we face today is the Fight between Athena and Poseidon.  When both planes crashed into the twin towers of the World Trade Center  on 9/11, they did not only crash into the twin towers of the World  Trade Center but also into the concept of the World Trade. The message  is that something is wrong with the World Trade. The way the World Trade  is handled endangers the whole planet. We may not be able to reach the  end of our cycle on this planet because of Global Warming.

Athena is known as having three aspects (Athena Tritogeneia). One of these  aspects is her warrior side. She stands for modern progress and pushes  us to move towards the ultimate progress. Artemis (Diana Huntress) is  working for her and symbolizes scientific research.
Artemis (Diana Huntress) is to Athena (Minerva) what Research is to Science.

When  we refuse to achieve Athena' s goals, she sends wild boars. We may get  rid of her wild boars but the problem is that she keeps on sending new  ones until she achieves her goals. Her main goal right now is to push us  to the after oil era. We have our own pace to get there but she does  not agree with it. The consequences of Global Warming are becoming  disastrous. We definitely do have a problem. Category-five hurricanes are more powerful than the A-bomb dropped on Hiroshima during WW2.

What can we do? We could allow, for example, the production of high-tech  electric cars able to reload themselves while running on roads without  using outside energy instead of secretly keeping them into warehouses  because they disturb the oil industry. We could also take the salt  issued from the desalination of sea water by countries that use this  process to get their tap water, load it on cargo boats, and drop it in  the northern hemisphere at the spot where the Gulf Stream plunges into  the Abyss. The speed of the Gulf Stream is depending on the amount of  salt that it contains. The more fresh water it contains because of  global warming, the more it is going to slow down and even stop. It will  cost less to drop salt back into the Gulf Stream than for the  devastations that would occur in case it stops.

Self-sustaining generators - Electric generators that can generate power for themselves. Make electricity free for all and let the Sun shine for all. No-one can impede the Future forever.

Everybody should know who Poseidon is because the whole planet is sailing on rough seas almost everyday. The  Greek myth about the fight between Athena and Poseidon gives us clues on  how to get rid of this problem. Athena is not only a warrior but also a  protector. She protects the nations that choose sustainable  development. One has to remember that the dispute between Athena and  Poseidon is carved forever on the western pediment of the Parthenon to  understand the importance of this problem.

Quote: "Poseidon once  claimed possession of Attica by thrusting his trident into the  acropolis of Athens in order to spring up a magnificent horse. But the  magnificent horse kept on metamorphosing into a salted lake. Athena  offered an olive-tree to the inhabitants of the country, symbol of peace and wealth. These inhabitants considered that the olive-tree  would be more useful than the horse of Poseidon. Therefore, they chose  Athena as their protector". This myth should be much easier to  understand by now.

By the way, it is written in the pyramids that Ra refused to give his Ka to Isis. The weather became so hot that everybody complained. Finally, Ra accepted. At least there is some hope in the air.

Cracking the codes in Homer's Iliad and Odyssey leads to the knowledge that Ajax the Great has something to do with Russia. However, it was impossible to find out the meaning of Little Ajax  (Ajax the Lesser) until war broke out in the former republic of  Yugoslavia. In fact, Russia and Serbia speak brother languages, and the  structures of Russian republics can be found on a smaller scale in the  former republic of Yugoslavia. Therefore, the outcome of this conflict  in Modern History was very easy to predict on the first week of the  conflict. All what it took was an understanding of the writings about  Little Ajax contained in the Greek Myths.

Ajax the Great is to Russia what Little Ajax is to Yugoslavia.  
Achilles is to the Warsaw Pact what Hector is to NATO.

The  more one manages to solve these clues, the closer one gets to the big  picture. It is like putting a huge puzzle together. Ancient History is  becoming ours as we move in time. When one studies mythology, one has to  forget the subjective picture about the spreading of these cultures on  our planet. These cultures did not belong to people who lived on this  planet 2000 years ago. In fact, it is impossible to jump to the  synthesis of a culture without experiencing and going through all the  intermediary stages of this culture.

Therefore, people who lived  on this planet 2000 years ago were elevated to levels of cultures they  had never reached. The best evidence is the total collapse of these  cultures in order to switch to single-god systems of replacement.  Once one is there, one never returns to the kind of show that we have  been going through for the past 2000 years. However, the fact of finding  no evidence of high-tech on this planet throws the human mind into a labyrinth with no possibility of escape.

Most of the words contained in the ancient mythologies carry two pictures leading to two concepts: an  easy one that hides a difficult one. The problem is that most of the  time it is impossible to understand these allegories and metaphors  before one experiences the historical period they belong. When one  finally manages to crack the code that protect them, one breaks the code  only for one part of the puzzle and not for the next one because most  sequences were cut and put in disorder to make sure that our History  unfolds without outside interferences. Each ancient text of mythology is  a double text that needs all the psychological system of the Ego and  all the psychological system of the metaconscience (the meta-me) to  be understood. The ancient texts of mythology represent the top of  literature. All the tools of rhetoric belonging to ancient and modern  History were used to achieve them.

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